About Tanise

Sometimes life presents us with difficulties that are tough to manage or resolve on our own. There are times when we need to ask for help in order to find ourselves and to move forward. As a person and a counsellor, I know that life’s challenges can happen at all stages of our lives at multiple levels and that every situation is unique to us alone. Circumstances that can challenge how we think, how we perceive, how we believe and how we respond.

If you are suffering through trauma, substance abuse, life changes or relationship difficulties, a loss of a loved one, or simply in need of guidance in your life; I am here for you.  We will work together to help you gain the skills and confidence to live your life.

I have a background in Trauma Informed Practice, and a specialization in Addictions.  I provide assessment and planning, individual therapy, and group therapy. Most commonly working with clients living with mood disorders; like depression, Psychosis, severe behavior problems, eating disorders and addictions. 

I am a member of the Association of Cooperative Counselling Therapists of Canada (ACCT) and am bound by their Rules and Code of Ethics.